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Course command carried out in the city of Valence in the state of Bahia Brazil

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Course command carried out in the city of Valence in the state of Bahia Brazil!

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New Partners

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The International Auxiliary Police Federation confirms and recognizes the High-level activities of the International Protective and Security Academy (PSA ACADEMY), which was founded and lead by Mr. Norbert Csikany MSc. and the academy official Educational Institutes also as an the PSA Asian educational Institute in Malaysia.
For this reason, the APF organization invited the PSA that its to help in the education field and that the PSA operate such as Official Accredited Training Education Center of the Auxiliary Police Federation – APF.
Therefore the APF invited and appointed Mr Norbert Csikany as an APF Inspector and International Training and Education Coordinator as well as Dato’ Patrick Ong who leader and Co-Founder of PSA Asia as an APF Inspector Officer of Malaysia and APF regional representative in Asia.
The management congratulation for them

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Starting the new APF section in England.

Section leader Mr. Kevin Doughty

Medals are L-R… Gulf War (90-91),
Northern Ireland (2 Operational Tours),
Bosnia (UN),
Queens Golden Jubilee Medal,
ACSM 2011 (Accumulated Campaign Service Medal),
RAMC. Royal Army Medical.

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New Honorary Member

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New APF member.
Chief James P. O’Neill, NYPD Chief of Department



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